Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Why the High and Growing Level of Social Securty Spending is a Problem

It has been a mantra on the left that the phrase “Social Security and Medicare” is sophistry that attempts to put a tiny long-range problem, Social Security, next to an enormous one

If you believe that you can only tax people so much (that is without adding a new tax like a VAT and a VAT is problematic under the constitution), the fact that SS absorbs the whole FICA tax is a problem. A sensible reform like paying the same amount (say $800/month) to all retirees could save a lot of money without hurting the needy. SS reform is needed because it is too expensive not because it spends much more that the FICA tax brings in. There is really just one big bucket not separate buckets for separate programs. 

Now we elected a CEO of SS and he set the tax and the payout that would be different but we don't.

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