Friday, December 18, 2015

Obama Administration Changes Policy on Assad

It comforts me to know that Obama by changing policy with regards to Assad is admitting that I was right all along, and he and Bush were very wrong all along. 

Sometimes I say to myself, you might be wrong the Federal Government administrators mostly got into Yale and Harvard (Yale and Harvard would have laughed at my application had I applied), and they have access to more info than me so maybe I am wrong and they are right, but this change in policy clearly admits that they were wrong and I was right! 

So how can such intelligent people be so obviously wrong and I be right? One theory is that the supper intelligent/great students like that tend to live in a bubble are not realty to common people and so loose touch with reality. 

Perhaps it and Bush's policy in the Middle-eat are the result of cultural and genetic blank slatism run amok. One reason nice people cling to blank slatism is because admission of cultural and genetic group differences could be very bad in the wrong populist hands.

Also Politicians are experts in getting elected not in Governing. 

At least  the Obama administration is showing humility by changing policy. I like Obama personally he seems to be a better person than most politicians and he has shown more military restraint than most presidents which I think is good. I disagree with him on most policy though.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Good Samaritan Again

In the time of Jesus the Samaritans where people who had taken the scriptures that existed at the time and had added four Gods on top of them. Do you know who else took the scriptures and added something on top of it? Mohamed did.

It is as if he said in 2015 USA, a Christian man was traveling to a town and on the road he was robbed and Muslim man came along and bought him clothes and put him up at a hotel. 

At the end of the story Jesus says go and do likewise. I think that he means even those who hate you are your neighbors and should be treated like the good Samaritan treated that man!

We should have sympathy for our Muslim neighbors and try to win them over with our good deeds.

Friday, December 4, 2015

NCAA Schools Collude to Keep Player Compensation Down, They Should Also Limit Coach Compensation

NCAA schools collude to keep player compensation down, they should at least agree to limit coach compensation to something like $300,000/year. 

Where would the coaches go? The NFL and NBA can only use so many coaches and even if the top coaches did go, would it real make college sports less appealing? I think not. 

Also NCAA sports are used by university administrations as marketing to raise the academic standards of the students they accept which increases the prestige of the university which is in the administrators' interest. But what is in it for the taxpayers? Nothing really.

I live in Gainesville FL home of University of Florida but because UF has been successful in this strategy, they were able to reject my son.  He had to go to University of Central Florida which meant that he could not live with us at home. That cost us an extra $50,000 and it weakens family and has other bad effects! 

The school administration would argue that there is a benefit to concentrating the better students together but there is evidence that such claims are false. In fact studies show that students who applied to more prestigious schools and are rejected do just as well as students who go to the prestigious schools. This is evidence that the schools do not matter but rather the ambition, diligence and intelligence if the entering students is what matters.

Everyone in biased we all are including the top administration of our state universities and we are letting them grab money and prestige at the expense of taxpayers.