Thursday, September 20, 2012

How Republicans Get Higher Taxes and Democrats get Rising CO2 Emissions

Below is from from a NY times article titled "Taxes Show One Way to Save Fuel" by EDUARDO PORTER

According to economists crunching the numbers, this makes mileage standards somewhere between 2.4 and 13 times more expensive than a gasoline tax as a tool to reduce our use of fuel. Indeed, by some calculations, raising fuel-economy standards is more costly than climate change itself.

The same I am sure goes for Government investment in alternative energy. It is time for all of us to wake up and see that politicians from both party are scamming us. People need to realize that they are often paying a tax even when they do not write the check to the Government.

The same goes for a CO2 tax it will be cheaper and more equitable in the long run than bloowing money on AE pipe dreams sometimes run by crony capitalists.

Republican and democrat voters need to compromise on a tax rather than letting our politicians hide the tax to get Republican votes and display the alternative energy projects to get Democrat votes. With the current situation Republican voters end up with higher taxes (to spend to to tax) and Democrat voters get continually rising co2 emissions.

If you do not despise Obama and almost every Democratic congressman and you do not despise Romney and almost every Republicans congressman it is because you are not looking at the facts.

And by the way one of the worst things that you can do is encourage those not interested in the real outcomes policy to vote.

To preempt an inevitable argument: An argument can be made that Government funding of basic research is warranted but most of this alternate energy stuff is very far from basic research.