Friday, January 6, 2012

Study Finds Evidence that more Income does not Improve Health.

The incidental economist highlights a study that finds evidence that more income does not improve health.

Conclusions: These findings suggest that the ability to improve short-term health outcomes through public transfer payments may be limited. However, the lifetime effects on the health of people with higher incomes would still be a valuable avenue for future research.

Some may not be surprised by this but studies have consistently shown that people with higher income live longer on average.  This study is evidence that though health correlates with income, income is not causal. It is evidence that that poor health causes lower income or something else is causing low income and poor health. We need a good test that will show  which is the cause because for example poor impulse control could cause both bad heath and low income. Highly talented athletes could be a place to look. Athletics does not require a lot on impulse control.
It is my observation that a large amount of money can be destructive to some people’s health e.g. it allows some people to drink all day and drug all night and drive very fast care very fast.

BTW the is a section Of Glasgow Scotland where male life expectancy is below 55 years. Those people might be drinking themselves to death. Giving them free stuff (including free health care) might just speed up the process.