Friday, January 25, 2013

State Universities and Taxpayer Interest

Arnold Kling has a post about cutting administration to make college more affordable. 
Which lead me to post the following thoughts:

In the University world athletics teams are marking, incredibly schools get more applications after a good football season, so that leads to the question why does a state school subsidized by the taxpayers need to market! 

Also a personal issue:

I live in the city where the University of Florida is and son got 3 B’s in high school and all the rest were A’s and he scored 1380 on the Math and English SAT portions he was reject by the University of Florida (UF) but was accepted by the University of Central Florida (UCF). Since he needed to move and get an apartment to go to UCF, were he could have lived at home had he gotten in to UF, it will cost me $50,000 extra to send him to college. He is also further away which weakens family bonds. So I ask how does it benefit the Florida taxpayers to have a difference in who UF and UCF will accept? My thought is that it benefits the administration of UF to become a prestigious school but does not benefit the tax payers.

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