Friday, May 20, 2016

Comments on Washington Post Story Linking Trump to Fascism

This is how fascism comes to America

I am unhappy about Trumps success but it seems ridiculous to call him Fascist.

Who you call fascist of course depends on what you call fascism.

Democrats agree highly with the fascist model of economics, that is that Government should guide and push that economy, that Gov. should be allowed to push business around to provide for the people but that does **NOT** make them close to Fascists. They are not into persecuting people, not even white males, for what they are and though they are nationalistic when it comes to trade and Government charity (SNAP, TANF, SS, Medicaid, Medicare etc.) but they are not dangerously so.

Trump is just a little more nationalistic than the Democrats are and about the same on economics, though he is for less charity and more for work, and more for building great projects.

Trump is also just a little bit more nationalistic on immigration, Hillary and crew are hardly for open open borders.

Being pretty pro-freedom myself I am happy with neither but I do not think that we are about to plunge in Fascism.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Price Controls

We all know that price controls are the worst of policies (look at Venezuela), (begin sarcasm) except when it comes to wages (end sarcasm).  Few people would defend price contols except when it comes to minimum wages.

Wage subsidies are better than minimum wage laws, and this is part most people miss, probably at less or the same cost. If you think about the money needs to come from somewhere and the underground economy need to be policed which is a similar cost to dead weight loss of taxation.

But politicians like minimum wage laws because if the voter does not think about it for a minute, it seems free to him. So how corrupt are the politicians who either know better or are purposefully ignorant?

The system selects for corruption.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Even Tyler Cowen, Who Tries Hard to be Fair, Is Piling on Trump.

Even Tyler Cowen who tries hard to be fair to everyone is piling on Trump. But I do not see much difference between Trump, Cruz, Sanders, Kasich and HRC. Sanders seems to me the most deceptive but that is mostly because he makes more concrete policy proposals. HRC seems to like to have the US Government involved in wars, Middle-East wars, drug wars, she talks like she wants to start a war on men. We give her a pass because we are confident that she is lying and will govern pretty well, just like Bill did but Trump is most likely lying to and in politics with so rationally ignorant voters wanting stiff from Government, a candidate's lying looks like a feature not a bug.

I will vote libertarian to signal to the Politicians that I am against the wars especially, Middle-East wars and the drug war.