Monday, October 24, 2022

Widespread Misperceptions of Long-Term Attitude Change

Widespread misperceptions of long-term attitude change

Mondragon and Socialism

To me it seems silly for a socialist to site Mondragon. When Mondragon partners vote they do not primarily have the good of society in mind but their own good. They do not hire all the worst workers just because they are earning below 50% of median Spanish Basque income, they hire good workers and contributors. They are like unions/mercantilists they would not balk at decreasing supply to increase their own income.  

They are  just as voters in that regard, voters are not always on the side of what is right and just. Take homeowners in San Francisco who think driving a few marginal people into homelessness is an acceptable price to play to retain the character of their neighborhoods and keep their home values rising. And Unions keep their income up often become exclusive to the point where an job seeker needs pull to get a union job. Business owners will do the same when they have a chance, I'm sure that real-estate companies mainly in the business of owning rental properties vote with home owners to restrict building but they are few and they are counterbalanced by builders who want to build more. It is diversity that is a big benefit of economic freedom. 

Thursday, October 20, 2022

The Kind of Racism I See

This is a response to David Henderson's blog post here:

Is Nikole Hannah-Jones Right?

This is kind of racism that I think really exists. Another example is the rate that young black men are being murdered in St Louis is very high and if the victims (and perps) were white we would be doing more about it.

Another little thing, I watch some basketball and track videos on youtube and youtube seems to offer a disproportionate amount of Lary Byrd, Pete Maravich, Matthew Boling, even Mac McClung (he's done little to earn that notoriety so far). The idea of a great white hope lives.

So people seem to think in racial lines, and if they are white like to see a white guy do well.

Part of it might be an underdog effect, like my mother told me her family loved to see Joe Lewis do well, seeing a poor black man beat the supposedly superior race. If there are no or few black doing well in a field people might cheer more for them.

How destructive the above racism is another question.

The Strong Desire to Blame a Human

The strong desire to blame a human Is something to be resisted. 

This applies to:

  • Opioids Purdue Pharma the Sackler family.
  • White USAers blacks, black USAers whites
  • Jobs immigrants
  • Fentanyl China
  • Covid also China
  • Medical care insurance companies/drug companies
And of course much more.

Medical Things that Blacks Outperform Whites On

According to the CDC here (See table 2 page 9), at 31 weeks or less gestation black infant mortality is lower than for whites so it might be hard to change.

And of course there is skin cancer.

Crime is too high in the USA

From How to Get Tough On Crime

Robbing someone on the street is not something that will appear sensible to someone whose alternative is to be an office worker making $70/hr.

Even more so if you have possibilities in the very high paying NBA or NFL, yet from what I've read, people in that position have about the same rate of crime as the age/gender/race demographic that they come from.

We have a huge crime problem (see below) and so we could afford to spend quite a but to address it and still be ahead, but we must think clearly at is and look coldly at the data:

Using standard demographic lifetable techniques, and assuming that recent incarceration rates remain unchanged, an estimated 1 of every 20 persons (5%) can be expected to serve time in prison during their lifetime. The lifetime chances of a person going to prison are higher for men (9%) than for women (1%) and higher for blacks (16%) and Hispanics (9%) than for whites (2%). At current levels of incarceration newborn black males in this country have a greater than a 1 in 4 chance of going to prison during their lifetimes, while Hispanic males have a 1 in 6 chance, and white males have a 1 in 23 chance of serving time.

I think legalizing all drugs without a prescription might help.

Up to and including murders among gang members which are considered “mutual-combat” in certain sub cultures. Which I’m sure sounds ridiculous to an upper class Yanqui, but was recently cited as a reason to drop charges by a prosecutor in Chicago.

That is an interesting point. I've said similar things. We'll not condemn Russian soldiers for killing Ukrainian combatants after the war in Ukraine is over so why go hard on such offences.
On the other hand cities that allow that to go on should be condemned. We give Gov the monopoly on force to Government to minimize such, if they aren't doing that they are failures and should be replaced.

Interesting Policy Poll

Interesting Policy Poll results here