Monday, February 11, 2019

A Rational Argument Could Made that the USA has Best Education in the World and Florida has the Best Education in the USA

Because the selection effect is so powerful in education we do not see it but a rational argument could made that the USA has best education in the world (The Amazing Truth About PISA Scores: USA Beats Western Europe, Ties with Asia) and Florida has the best education among the USA states (Florida Number One in School Measure).

But if you ask me, I will tell you that there are not significant differences in overall schooling quality in the developed world.

In fact I think a slight modification of of Arnold Kling's null hypothesis in schooling is accurate.

Playing off Arnold Kling's Clarifying his Null Hypotheses on Schooling

Note, this does not mean that we cannot improve education education over time as techniques improve that can be applied that do improve education but they spread very fast in the developed world and we see no significant differences.

Of course there are some good techniques that do not spread. One technique that works but has not spread is direct instruction, it has not spread because teachers and students hat it. Also a singular focus on the three R's might work but is not tried for the same reason.

It is not bad that those techniques do not spread, childhood should not be all about education.