Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Copays and Treating People Like Responsible Adults

This article "When a Copay Gets in the Way of Health" from the New York Times rubs me the wring way.  Do we treat people like responsible adults or like children to be controlled.

If I do not change the oil in my car my engine warranty is void. Should we not allow insurers to try to keep their insureds taking high value low cost drugs, like if you did not buy the prescribed drugs each month and you have a heart attack we will not pay the full bill.

AEI Alternative to ACA

The incidental economist has an interesting post about AEI's alternative to ACA

The post talks about the criticism of the AEI's alternative that it is politically impossible and so is just a tool for thise who want to kill ACA.  I strongly disagree with this critique, IMHO the ACA to be politically advantageous to the politicians who passed it it had to be structured to fool the voters and so knowledgeable people even if they support ACA as better than nothing should be shouting how badly structured it is and how the politicians are scamming the voters.  ACA cost much more than it should, solves much less of the problems that it should.  It creates very bad incentives for employers!  It creates bad incentives for patients and it will accomplish very little in improvement in heath.  IMO Democrats are too willing to support bad very high cost legislation to get a tiny theoretical gains in some areas.  Consider CAFE standards, MIT says it costs 6-13 time more per gallon of gas saved (co2 put in the air) than a visible tax yet even knowledgeable Democrats talk it up.  You should always be pointing out how corrupt our politicians (and to a lesser extent voters) are.  Trying to lower the status of politicians.