Friday, July 20, 2012

Question to Advocates of Government Expansion in Healthcare

Advocates for more government expansion into healthcare often point out that industrialized countries with socialized medicine pay much less for healthcare than we in the USA do.  They claim that it is becuase it is socialized that it is cheaper.  But we in the USA have socialized schooling and we still spend a lot more on schooling that the other industrialized countries.  So wouldn't it be good to insist that any Government expansion into healthcare be funded with cuts in spending on schooling, at least until that expansion in healthcare lowers spending.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Employment is Signaling Signaling

Unemployment is low among college grads and yet over 50% of college grads take jobs that do not require a college degree.  It is is not surprising that unemployment is low among college grads.  They tend to be more capable than people who did not graduate from college but sine they are not using the knowledge that they gained in college it is unlikely that college made them better employees but they were more capable and that allowed them to graduate for college.

I say that is evidence that college is more signaling than education.

Friday, July 6, 2012

A Green Jobs Program Spent $38.6 Billion to Create About 3,600 Jobs

The Classical values  blog has a post on the cost of green jobs created:
A Green Jobs Program spent $38.6 billion to create about 3,600 jobs.

That is $10 million per job. I figure I could take that $10 million and create two jobs for $5 million and pocket the difference. That would have doubled the efficiency of the program. And I could become a 1%er. Of course a long time ago I was a different kind of 1%er.

Of course if produced energy at a competitive price that would be find but that is not the case. 

To my friends who are advocates of green jobs:  You should insist on more efficient methods! Politicians tend to not care much about efficient use of funds but all taxpayers Democrats and Republicans should! 

BTW very little little of this is basic research for which an argument for direct Government funding can be made.  This is all technology, which the private sector tends to do more efficiently.  You should drop your support for most of this stuff and insist on a carbon tax or nothing.

Even Democratic politicians are NOT on your side, they are only on their own side and will screw you if given half a chance. (The same goes for Republican supports, you think that they would have learned this from Bush.) it seems many intelligent democrats have come to the point where they support any nonsense as long as its intentions appear good, it increases Government intervention and the Republicans hate it. 

This is like the stimulus, even if you use the Obama Administrations numbers it cost over $233k per job created or saved.  These are not high paying jobs they spent $233k each to create $20k/year jobs!