Wednesday, October 24, 2018

More Money More Children

At any given education level the richer people have more children.

Once school is completed educated women have children at the same rate as uneducated women but they have fewer years at it.

Most women still say that they want to have 2 or 3 children but educated women are more likely to fall short of their own stated desire.

So it looks like it is the time that school takes up is what makes more educated women end up having fewer children and more educated women tend to be richer. Colleges might want to cater more to married with children students.


A New Kind of Federalism

Me responding to a comment here.

The comment included the following:
For Democrats who hate having their money sent out of state, the centuries-old solution staring them right in the face is decentralization and federalism

The obvious problem with federalism for Democrats is that states do not have enough ability to tax because it is not hard enough for people to move to another states. It is the same adverse selection problem that caused communist limit emigration.

Since the Federal Government's main comparative advantages are collection tax and defense, I think it would be interesting in they collected the taxes as they do today but sent the SS, Medicare and most of the other non-defense money that they currently spend to states on a per capita basis and write laws demanding (amend the constitution to allow that) that the states provide for the elderly (SS, Medicare) and poor in some reasonable way. The states and locals could still have there small taxes or not. Some states might even pay a dividend or return of some of the taxes.

Low Skill Workers and the Supply Side of Employment

Tyler Cowen points to  a study that looks at low skill workers in rich vs poor societies look at the propensity to work. The finding was that low skilled people are more likely to work in poorer societies.

He writes:
An alternative view, not mutually exclusive, is that in poor societies low-education workers simply have to take jobs, due to extreme need.

Recently, I was listening to The Glen Show, and the guest said that unemployment in some majority black parts of Chicago was over 30%!

Also according to Feakonomics illegal drug industry workers make less than minimum wage

Considering the above, is it plausible that the old conservative idea that welfare and minimum wage laws have had harmful effects on black Americans? That would be by blacks not working and gaining skills and by pushing them into the illegal sector.

This would be true for low skilled whites also but might be more damaging to blacks because of people propensity to use statistical discrimination.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

J.K. Galbraith on Migration

"Migration is the oldest action against poverty. It selects those who most want help. It is good for the country to which they go;it helps break the equilibrium of poverty in the country from which they come. What is the perversity in the human soul that causes  people to resist so obvious a good?" J.K. Galbraith

Friday, October 12, 2018

Glenn Loury on Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)

Glenn Loury (this guy should be famous) does a great job here of being unbiased not on AGW. It is worth listening to but the discussion was excessively negative because they ignored a few things...

1. Nuclear power, that is fusion nuclear more of non fossil fuel power is from nuclear.

“56 percent of France's installed generating capacity -- 63 GW out of 112 GW -- is nuclear-based. 78 percent of the electricity generated in France -- 419 TWh out of 537 TWh -- is nuclear power.”

2. There are ways to remove co2 from the air and keep it out for hundreds or thousands of years. For example enhanced weathering, deep ocean iron fertilization and biochar, even if those do not work there are other ways. Considering that you could pay out the proceeds for removal of co2 from the air you could fly around and on fossil fuel AND we could reach an equilibrium where the amount of co2 going into the air is equal to the amount going into the air. AND IT MIGHT NOT BE VERY EXPENSIVE, like maybe as low as $100/ton (which comes out to about $1/gallon).

3. Geoengineering which might be even cheaper than the above abatement or removal of CO2 from the air. See here.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Concerning What was Conservative Just a Few Years Ago.

Concerning what was conservative just a few years ago.

Trumpty Dumpty promised a wall
Trumpty Dumpty reneged it all
All what was conservative then
is not conservative now.