Friday, April 30, 2021

Freddie deBoer Proposes Allowing Children to Drop Out of School at Age 12

Freddie deBoer proposes allowing children to drop out of school at age 12 

Wow drop out at age 12.

I like it but i'd guess upper class Democrats won't.

He goes not to lament the lack of family supporting jobs for those without school credentials. He claims there used to be those great factory jobs in the past but now there are no options for them. On that he is ignorant, in free to build areas, like my city Gainesville FL, blue collar high school dropouts can and do do better than those with their schooling ability ever did. My son hated school and after High School took a job as a laborer with a plumber. He now make about the median income of the USA and owns a home outright he is 27 and is close to having enough money to retire.

Restricting building is a double negative for High School dropouts. It eliminates the jobs of building and pushes up home prices and rents. It also creates jobs for lawyers fighting to get permission to build. 

It is the biggest Government sin of our time.  

Some evidence that dropouts can do great if they have a little wisdom and live in free to build areas:

The Amish generally drop out of school at 16 and do fine.

The Hasidic Jews do great on low income

Meanwhile many college grads struggle made worse by there debt. The student loan program being another bad sin of Government. (That and the 30 year mortgage.) Neither would not exists without Government backing.

DeBoer needs to get out an look at the world. Wisdom trumps smart even today. 

Monday, April 19, 2021

An Idea for Single Payer Supporters

 I have an idea for supporters of single payer healthcare.

1. Since it would be difficult to change Medicare much, we keep it as it is.

2. Since it would be relatively cheap, and it’s among the most effective healthcare, and makes the plan more workable, the Government would cover children from the time that their mother gets pregnant until they turn 18 years old.

3. For each citizen turning 18 years old the Government would fund a medical savings account with $100,000 (this number might be too low or too high).  Money from that account could be spent on any medical care that normally UK NHS provides for UK citizens.

4. If an individual’s spending goes over $100,000 between the ages of 18 and 65 the Government pays for all the overage.

5. When people reach age 65 the money left in the account would be theirs to keep.

6. If someone is diagnosed with diabetes or some other costly chronic disease before age 18 we might want to add some amount of money to their account.

7. We might have to do something to prevent people from delaying care when they are close to 65 years old.

Why, because too many USA citizens feel no compunction stealing from Government AND/OR insurance companies.


We might at some point try to get Medicare recipients on a similar program. Perhaps funding a health savings account for each person each 5 years and letting them keep unspent money at the end of each period.

Monday, April 5, 2021

People have no Idea of the Contributory Relationship in Social Security

From Chris Pope via twitter 

People have no idea of the contributory relationship in Social Security. The median beneficiary believes that an extra $1 of payroll tax contributions will get them $1 more of benefits in retirement (37% believe it will add $0). The reality averages.