Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Lumina Foundation Goal 60% College Grads by 2025

The Lumina foundation's goal is for 60% of Americans to be College Grads by 2025. 

"60 percent by 2025", I always think that if that is your only goal it is easy to attain.  You just make school easier and more enjoyable and of course cheaper.  I am sure with cooperation from the educational establishment that could be done, but I do not think that is what Lumina has in mind.  

Now if your goal is to have a smarter more knowledgeable population you might want to think about what you want people to know and what is the easiest cheapest way to get that knowledge to people.  It might not be though schooling.  As for smarter people that is a tough one.  For time better nutrition pushed IQs up but, we do not know how to do more of that then we are doing now and school seems to NOT be the answer to that.  

It is important to define your goals well.  


Joshua said...

It is important to define your goals well.


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