Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How to solve the Deficit

Lately I have been telling people that because SS, Medicare and Gov. education are rob Peter to Pay peter programs that it is technically easy to solve the deficit problem but it is politically impossible to address the problem until a real crisis hits.  Once a crisis hits you can welfarize SS, Medicare and Gov. education and the deficit goes away rapidly.

I pay about $4,000/year each to send my children to private schools but public schools spend about $13,000/year and since it is impossible to subsidize the middle class the middle class are paying every penny.


Anonymous said...

$4,000 per year for private school? That's hard to believe. Can you provide a link?

Here's what a private school from my neck of the woods charges:

Tuition for 2012/2013, payable in 2 installments:

2-Year-Old Program, Half Day: $8,385

2-Year-Old Program, Full Day: $12,600

Nursery (3-year-olds), Half Day: $9,750

Nursery (3-year-olds), Full Day: $14,650

Reception(4-year-olds) and Year 1 (Kindergarten): $17,350

Years 2-6 (Grades 1-5): $18,300

Years 7-11 (Grades 6-10): $19,150

One-Time Fees

Application Fee: $150 (non-refundable)

Enrollment Deposit: $2,000(refundable, applied to reduce the amount of 2nd
tuition installment)

New Student Fee: $2,000* (one time, non-refundable)

Link: http://britishschoolofcharlotte.org/tuition-and-fees/

JWO said...

The school my children attended closed last year but here are a couple of the other schools in the area:


JWO said...

@Anonymous, here are some schools in your area: