Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Scams and Education

I have for maybe 40 years believed that to fall for some scams one has to have a certain level of education. Organic food being the one that comes easiest to mind. The scientists who study fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides acknowledge that they are very safe and have greatly helped mankind. Yet the among those with post secondary education organic food s are quite popular even while among the less educated they have little draw.

BUT I realized that I have not applied that to my own beliefs about governance.

I support a UBI but less educated working people seem to think it will lead to bad outcomes, to too many people not working and perhaps getting high and drunk first thing every morning.

I support full legalization of all drugs except antibiotics without prescription. That includes heroin and even fentanyl. I think legal companies would dose more accurately. But most people think this will lead to more death and abuse.

I'm sticking with may positions but with a little less confidence. 

Added later:

I just (08/19/2021) ran into this: 

The most vaccine-hesitant group of all? PhDs 

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