Friday, August 23, 2019

The USA Needs a More Positive Message on Immigration

The USA Needs a More Message on Immigration here is my attempt:

Americans descended from a bunch of rejects. Religious rejects including the puritans, baptists, Quakers, Anabaptist, English Catholics, Russian and Polish etc. Jews. The bottom of Irish society from during the potato famine, a little latter economic migrants from the bottom of Italian society and blacks from the bottom of African society, mostly war captives which tend to skew low stats, brought here in chains. More lately Mexicans and Central Americans .

They have all given us great things and made the USA great.

The religious rejects gave us our moral and governmental foundations.

Blacks brought here in chains, gave us and the whole world great music; gospel, jazz, blues, rock and roll. The world would be a poorer place without such and they added great grace, skill and style to athletics.

Italians and Mexicans improved our food. (Food in the UK is bland and bad.)

The Jews have excelled in science giving the world great things.

The Irish built up our police and fire forces.

Even those who just work blue collar increase the division of labor and help us cover our national defense.

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