Monday, April 29, 2019

We Can Get More Poverty Reduction for Less Taxes.

Areas where we help the poor more and spend less tax money:

1. Replace TANF, SNAP, Social Security, housing subsidies etc. with an NIT
2. Replace Medicare and Medicaid with High deductible health insurance with deductible based on income.
3. Even if we do not do number 1 above, change our largest welfare program, Social Security to stop giving more to high life time earners and give everyone the same like they do in Australia.
4. We should force local Government to allow sufficient building so people can move to were the jobs are. It is an infringement of rights for local voters to limit the rights land of owners to subdivide and build housing. The default should be to allow all residential building. Note there are a very few occasions were it is justified but you need very good reasons.

Which of these are Republicans or Democrats for?

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