Wednesday, January 2, 2019

What Anthropogenic Global Warming Alarmists Should Acknowledge

The Anthropogenic Global Warming alarmists should at least acknowledge how wrong popularly seen and read environmentalist were in the 1970's, and distance themselves from such.

Paul Ehlich was  a regular on the Tonight show and though the real scientists specialized in the area of environmental studies (Ehlich is a butterfly scientist) at the time were not so alarmist, it was the alarmist who got the publicity.

Considering that it is quite understandable that people be skeptical of alarming claims. Even today it seems to me that there is a huge gap between what the real scientist on the IPCC and the likes of Al Gore are saying.

It is dangerous to try to scare the voters into action with projections that are very likely to be undershot by a huge margin.

I believe that co2 is causing AGW and that at some point we will better of addressing it, but it seems to me that there is still plenty of time.

Let's stop demonizing the deniers and work on educating them.

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