Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Anthropogenic Global Warming

BTW anthropogenic global warming is the correct description the description climate change is not a good description. The only solid scientific prediction from increased co2 is higher highs and lower lows.  

Interesting discussion  here, Summers, Lomborg, Tabarrok, and Cowen on climate change.  

My thoughts are that you need a carbon tax and a payout to those who net remove CO2 from the air then you could reach equilibrium. 

But, could rationally ignorant voters ever get the politicians to properly implement such a scheme, not until AGW brings temperatures to a level where negative effects are obvious. So sit back and enjoy milder winters for now.

Another possibility would be geoengineering measures to cool the planet.
I am not worried though because I think that removing co2 from the air or cooling the planet will not be very expensive.

So don’t worry be happy.

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