Friday, September 23, 2011

Kevin Outterson at The Incidental Economist Blog Made the Kind of Post that Gets Me Going

Kevin Outterson at The Incidental Economist blog made the kind of post that gets me going in high gear.  He wrote:
 Japan – better outcomes with older people at half the cost
Don’t let anyone assert (without data) that the aging US population is to blame for our high health care costs. Look at Japan. Despite one of the oldest population in the OECD and health expenditures half the US amount, Japan enjoys much longer longevity.
It is not clear that Japan has better out comes see here:
1. Asians live longer here too.
2. Japan has a much lower accident rate than the USA.
3. Japan has a much lower homicide rate than the USA.
4. Japan has a much lower multiple birth rate that the USA
If you assume that all ethnic groups are equally health then we don’t have to go to Japan for an example we can adopt the the care level to that of Hispanics here in the USA and that will improve our longevity. I think it would not help, though it could be true that too much health care is killing whites.  Hispanics have less access to health care than even black Americans.  


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