Tuesday, February 3, 2015

PBS A Path Appears

Watching the PBS video A Path Appears got me to thinking about how inefficient schooling still is. 

Our goals from schooling should be to give people the most useful and valuable education with the least amount of effort and time spent.  

We should always keep in mind that the time of the educators and and more importantly the students is valuable. This means that we should put some emphasis on getting the students knowledge and skills in as short a time as possible.  I do not think that there is much research on this. It seems we focus more on keeping people in school longer but people in poverty would benefit from getting to work sooner.

We should always keep in mind that not everyone can be above average and so we should focus on getting the most valuable and useful knowledge to people early rather than focusing on the hope of college. degrees help up compete for the better jobs but wisdom and knowledge can advance everyone without out competing others.

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