Monday, February 2, 2015

Left and Right Citizens Could Work Together on These

We live in a world that will have lots of regulation and redistribution of income, there is no getting away it. and left and right will never agree on how much of each we should have.

So let's, knowledgeable people on the left and right, work together to get rid of bad regulations and to improve the efficiency of redistribution. 

Some examples where we could work together:

  • Lets work together to ending silly and costly interventionism in the ME, Latin America and Africa. 
  • Let's make bank capital requirements that say every year the .5% of banks with the lowest % of capital must fold or be merged (or lose FDIC insurance) unless they have more that 35% capital.
  • Let's replace most welfare (TANF, SNAP, SS, subsidized housing) with a BIG (Basic Income Guarantee). 
  • Let's make medicare and medicaid only pay for treatments with good evidence of efficacy. 
  • Let's replace ethanol, solar and wind subsidies and CAFE standards with a carbon tax. 

The current policies on the related to above issues are the type of things that exist only because the voters are rationally ignorant, allowing the politicians to run roughshod over the public interest. Their are many similar areas where the knowledgeable left and right agree.

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