Friday, November 15, 2013

To PPACA Supporters

To PPACA supporters.

Let us admit that among people who are well informed on the state of healthcare in the USA there is agreement that PPACA is horrible but the supporters think that it is clearly better than nothing and that it is unlikely that better laws are attainable at this time. I can certainly understand and respect that position but I think supporters should do more bashing the bad aspects of the law.  They should also bash the dishonest politicians that made the law, of course always pointing out that the politicians on the other side are just as bad or worse.

The bad aspects of PPACA:

The fact that the PPACA does almost nothing on the supply side is very disappointing.  Lower cost/prices would help everyone.

The employer mandate is a horrible thing.  The push should be in the other direction.  People do not even know what  they are spending on healthcare!

You cannot subsidize the median person so it is an outrage that subsidies go up to $95,000.  The politicians are scamming rationally ignorant voters taxing people $1 to subsidize them with $1!

Capping the deductibles at under $7,000 is also a very bad policy they should be pushing people with above median income in fair health toward much high deductibles.

The tax on Medical equipment manufacturers is a dishonest, underhanded way to tax the people.

Mandating birth control is a Democrat party give away to a voting block important to them.

The 3 to 1 cap on old people's insurance makes no sense but for the fact that old people vote more than young people. Corruption.

There is very little evidence that many of the mandated coverages make medical sense.

The good aspects of PPACA:

People with preexisting conditions can get coverage easier and at a lower cost. 

The exchanges have the potential if structured correctly to lower that marginal tax on those people near the medicaid cut off. 

What people have called "death panels", really the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB),  medicare might stop some care that has not shown net benefit.

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