Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Good Use for all those Psychology Majors?

From E. Fuller Torrey at the national review
Untreated mentally ill individuals are now responsible for at least 10 percent of all homicides and half of the mass killings such as those at Virginia Tech, Tucson, Aurora, Newtown, and the Washington Navy Yard.

We are graduating a huge, huge, huge number of psychology majors who could help treat these people cheaply if we allowed them to prescribe anti-psychotic drugs but we do not! It seems we must treat the insanity of our government.

I am not saying that I am sure that allowing all psychology grads to prescribe anti-psychotic drugs would have a significant positive effect, I do not know that, but I see very little downside to trying it.  It only seems right didn't they learn something in those 4 years? 

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