Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mungowitz on the Left Singularity

 Mungowitz links to a  series, by Nick Land on the Left Singularity
A 10-part series, by Nick Land:  On "Dark Enlightenment."  (I've linked to Matt Leslie's presentation of it, which is where I found it, and also because the original links don't work, it seems.)

I do not think that I buy the Left singularity but I has long interested me that the right seems to just forbid people to do things while left Demands that we do certain things.  I.e. it is not good enough for the left that you do no harm to people because of their race but you are to reserve spots for all the races, you are to love all the races not just leave them alone.  Being a Christian I believe that we should love everyone regardless of race but is that something that Governments can and should demand?

Another example the right says do not use recreational drugs or we will punish you (I think that is misguided BTW). The left says that if you do drugs we must treat you. We must treat you and get your children at an earlier and earlier age and socialize them to not use recreational drugs and (to tie it to a recent left policy suggestion) do well in school.

* A singularity, of any kind, is the limit of a process dominated by positive feedback, and thus driven to an extreme. 

* They define the left Singularity as: Increased repression brings increased leftism, increased leftism brings increased repression, in an ever tighter circle that turns ever faster.  This is the left singularity 

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