Monday, March 11, 2013

Created Mature

There is an old story around protestant Christian churches that we are such a fractious lot that some church once split over whether Adam had a naval or not. Well a while back I was introduced to an idea that makes whether Adam had a naval or not is a somewhat important issue (though not worth splitting a church over).

The idea is that God created the world in seven days but with a billion years of history in it.  That would mean that every fossil found, every layer of rock in the Grand Canyon is akin to Adam’s navel. Now someone might ask, why would God make the earth that way.  I do not know but it appears from creation that God loves diversity.  Look into the stars, they are all diffident and there are billions of them.  The expanse of the universe goes on for trillions of miles.  The depths of the sea and jungles contain so many creatures diverse and some bizarre.  Look into the smallest things and there seems to be something smaller down to cells and then to molecules and then atoms to then electrons and subatomic particle and who knows for sure that the subatomic particles are not made up of something smaller.  So why not natural history as far back the human mind can conceive and as fare forward as eternity. 

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