Wednesday, January 4, 2017

What Should Republicans do About PPACA

What Should Republicans do About PPACA

Because of loss aversion and because people (me for example) have changed coverage based on the law, they should take it slow and one step at a time and do the following:

  • Remove the 3 to 1 rule. See here because with income subsidies I see no reason to force a subsidy of older people by younger people.
  • Slowly each year raise the allowable deductibles until they get very high, like $30k per year or $250k lifetime. 
  • Either fix or eliminate the employer mandates, by fix I mean, do not completely exempt part-time workers (maybe make employers pay a percent based on hours worked), and do not exempt employers based on the number of employees they have. 
  • Allow insurers to create plans that only cover care with strong evidence of proven net benefits.
  • Finally raise the penalty to where you are forcing most everybody to get health insurance.

Then think about how to get the states to eliminate regulations that drive up cost without providing proven net benefits. 

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