Tuesday, February 16, 2016

One of the Problems with Federal Government Provision of Health Insurance and Schooling in the USA

Here in the USA health and education are state Government issues not federal issues.

The state governments regulate the healthcare industry and run the schools including at the University level, so if he federal Government pays for most of the healthcare and education there is an incentive for the states to do what they can to push up costs because most of the money comes from other states.  And what do know, surprise, surprise, that is what we see. USA spending is much more than other countries on healthcare and schooling.

To address the problem of high costs of schooling and healthcare at the federal level the President and congress need to take over the regulating of healthcare and take over the running of the schools. Alternatively they could mandate that the states provide healthcare and college free and provide any funding proportionally to the population.

This would require that the Constitution be amended.

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