Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Andrew Cohen Proposes Licensing Parents

I am against licensing parents but the his post is interesting because it makes it clear that there is a stronger argument for licensing parting which we do not license than professions that we do license.   

I it is better to give everyone a license to be a  parenting  and then have rules that if broken result in loss of license.  That is everyone has a right to be a parent but that right can taken away in a case of abuse which is the system that we have.   I think the same for professional licensing but in professional licensing their might a case for a very easy test 
(that any college grad could pass with a few weeks of study) up front.   

BTW related I think that anyone should be allowed to buy most medicines without a prescription but that one should have to pass a simple test and commit to taking the full regime to get an antibiotic. 

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