Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Freedom is Counter Intuitive

You would think that a country could do better with a central plan than with no central plan! But it seems to not work out that way.  One would think that having more that one car company is redundant (or more than one currency (BTW we really have one real bank the federal reserve bank) you could eliminate all that redundancy, redundant design departments, Marketing departments (isn't marketing/advertising a complete waste to society? etc. All those economies of scale and all. 

Are we not just better off to demand that people do not take drugs that are not OKed and approved by the central planers?  Are we not better off to ban the sale of recreational drugs like heroin and why not alcohol too?

Isn't it counter productive that in a free society even BP has rights and can go to court and get a law banning deep water drilling struck down.  That we the people should have an energy plan and it should not include BP! 

Doesn't it seem crazy that the USA used to allow anyone without TB into the country? 

And yet freedom seems to do well wherever it is tried.  Freedom is not perfect because people are not perfect but it sure beats the alternatives.

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