Monday, August 30, 2010

Government Subsidized Universities Marketing

My son Daniel is senior in high school and he is getting a lot of marketing material from government subsidized universities.  How does this make sense?  This is from in state schools and out of state schools.  Should the tax payers support this?

I imagine that this a very low cost but still why market something that will costs you more expense.

You a have a case where government subsidized universities are competing against each other.

One could argue that it could encourage more students to go to college (most people seem to that is good, I do not) but he did not start getting much marketing material  until after he took the SAT signaling that he intended to go to college.

One could also say that it serves the function of funneling students to the school that is best for them but I find that pretty weak, the child could find that out on his own and marketing materiel does not cover much that would reveal that.

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