Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Iraq's GDP is $12.5 Billion, Afghanistan's is $10 billion. Estimated cost of our "war on terror" so far is nearly $1 TRILLION! Take a second to take that in.

A retired ag. economist spent time in Afghanistan about four years ago. He was one of the few who ventured out of the cities, meeting with villagers on setting up ag. co-ops.

His report: "This is just a bunch of villages, run by the village elders and the local immam. Some guy who they never met comes in once and awhile from the central government and makes promises and leaves.

Life goes on in the village.

There is no central government. These are dirt poor farmers in dusty isolated villages who have run their lives following the village elders and the local immam."

A friend of was an officer over there he told me that the day the USA army pulls out of Afghanistan it will revert back to what it was before we went in. 

I see the action in Afghanistan as a huge waste of resources.  The strategy is misguided. Centralizing control doesn't work in the US. why would it work in Afghanistan? All its doing is creating opportunities for corruption.

On top of that we are also trying to fight our irrational drug war there. The drug war creates financial opportunities for terrorists, just as it does in places like Columbia and Oakland California.

It takes a $1 million/year to maintain one US soldier in Afghanistan for one year?  You could hire about a thousand Afghans for that. 

We won all that can be won in Afghanistan we need to pull out.  We won the war it is long over.  Our soldiers can move about Afghanistan with impunity.  It is over we won lets bring the troops home!

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